Why Sports History and Culture?

Dear Readers,

Sports History and Culture was set up in 2014 as a side note to my University studies.

While an undergraduate student at the University of Stirling I studied sport sociology, sport history and had a keen insight into various gender studies and sport business. Ultimately my time at University was a rather challenging and stressful one for me. I got fairly average marks and never really found my feet, hence the domain name “potentiallyinept”.  At a time when all my work was being constantly rejected, criticized, and censured, this blog allowed me to say the things I wanted to say and write the things I wanted to write, without worrying about grades, or feedback, or harsh critics. Thus far, the only critiques I may have received are in the privacy of the reader’s home. I quite enjoy that!

In a nutshell I get to write about a topic I love without the hassle of having to fight my own corner.

My whole life I have been obsessed with sport! I enjoy the story telling, the legends, the myths, the fans, the culture, the origins, the villains, the moments, the heartbreak and of course the triumph. Sports history, and the culture it creates, interests me greatly. To explore sports culture and record history is a labour of love for me personally.

This blog is a collection of sport stories and opinions all told by me, a fan!

I enjoy it, and I hope you will too.

Thanks for visiting,

Tinie Tim.