Fan Ownership in Scotland – Football/Soccer

“Green MSP Alison Johnstone today successfully moved a package of amendments to the Community Empowerment Bill to bring in a fans’ right to buy their football clubs at any time”

MSP Alison Johnstone is a member of the Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament on Sport (Convener).

The purpose of this group is….

1. To ensure the development of sport and sporting opportunities for the people of Scotland
2. To ensure that sport has a high profile in the Scottish Parliament
3.To influence Scottish Government policy
4.To liaise with Sportscotland, the governing bodies and other sports organisations in Scotland so that such organisation will be able to keep MSPs informed on matter affecting Scottish Sport.

Today Johnstone summed up her thoughts on the amendment by saying:

“I am grateful to the members of the committee for seizing this opportunity to put fans first, and in particular to Ken Macintosh MSP, who co-signed these amendments and spoke powerfully in favour of them at Committee. We asked fans what they wanted, and they asked us for the tools to do the job and run their clubs responsibly for the long term. Today Holyrood has lived up to their aspirations.”

Given recent events in Scottish Football these changes may be an opportunity for remarkable revival of the Scottish game. For too long club owners have been able to undermine honest football fans. Hopefully these plans are followed through and Scottish football can restore credibility.

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