Fan Ownership in Scotland – the facts

Below is a link to a website where you can sign up to receive updates on the Scottish Greens ‘Fans First’ campaign.

I picked this quote from a Celtic supporter in order to express the importance of these amendments. The changes are not merely relevant to Rangers Football Club, Hearts of Midlothian or Livingstone Football Club, who have all experienced vast financial loss in recent times, but this is a right granted to every Scottish football fan whatever team they may support if they are in need of it.

A Celtic fan said:

“Currently Celtic is run brilliantly (it wasn’t always like that). But Dermot Desmond and the board will certainly not be around for ever and who knows what route the next incumbents might take. Reckless spending to chase success is a tried and tested route in Scotland (Livingston, Gretna, Hearts, Rangers)… it never goes well. If fans own or part-own clubs then the finances are kept realistic because fans understand that it is them who will be digging into their pocket to save the club in the end. No fan wants to go through the pain of the aforementioned financially ‘troubled’ clubs.”

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