Throwback Thursday – The Sports Bra!

jogbraThis weeks THROWBACK THURSDAY is the ladies sports bra; a technology like no other that became a revelation to women all over the world.

Its inventor, Hinda Miller, had noticed the dangers for women who were running without efficient support around their breasts and had witnessed the horrific site of female runners bleeding from the nipples.

Running without the support was causing the tear of the Cooper ligament. This ligament is made up of connective tissue within the breast that helps to maintain structural integrity. A tear to this ligament can cause sagging to the breast, which may affect breast feeding and can cause further problems with the breast in later life.

After observing such a shocking image Miller, along with her two close friends Lisa Lindahl and Polly Palmer-Smith came up with an idea that would protect and support the breast – they called it the Jogbra.

The Jogbra was released in 1977. The inspiration behind the clothing was the male sports undergarment the jock strap. Lindahl and Smith sewed two jockstraps together which were to be placed across the rib cage aligning underneath the breast.

The sports bra has since been developed by leading sports manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas and Puma, who have all added their scientific advancements to the technology in order to improve breast support.

The success and the indispensible nature of the sports bra have been recognised by sports women world wide.

One such testament comes from 11 time British javelin champion, Goldie Sayers, who said:

“If I forgot my sports bra, forget it, I just wouldn’t compete.”

There is no question that the sports bra plays a vital role in sports participation rates for women, and particularly for young girls. A study conducted by the University of Portsmouth found that 1 in 5 women say their breasts stop them from participating in physical activity.

Further research shows that the majority of women and young girls who exercise on a regular basis don’t actually wear or own a sports bra.

It is very important that ALL women and young girls performing in sport, or who are engaged in a physically active lifestyle wear and regularly replace their sports bra, just like you would your shoes or other leisure wear.

Please educate women on protecting their breasts and increase your own awareness or friends and family members’ awareness of breast health.


The Masters – Golf

It would be criminal to ignore one of the world’s best sporting events….The Masters!

The Masters, one of golf’s four major tournaments, has been running for 81 years. The inaugural tournament held in 1834.

It is the only golf major to be hosted in the same venue every year – the infamous Augusta National Golf Club right in the heart of Georgia in the United States of America.

Traditionally the winner of The Masters is presented with ‘the green jacket’.

Jack Nicklaus has the most Masters wins, winning 6 between 1963 – 86. Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods have won 4 Masters tournaments, while Jimmy Demaret, Sam Snead, Gary Player, Nick Faldo, and Phil Mickelson have all won 3.

It took 27 years for the first non – American golfer to win the Masters. South African golfer, Gary Player, won the tournament in 1961. It took a further 19 years for Seve Ballesteros of Spain to emulate Player. Ballesteros won in 1980 & 83.

The Masters oldest winner is Jack Nicklaus, who was 46 years old when he won in 1986. The youngest winner, Tiger Woods, was only 21 when he won in 1997.

In 2013, Guan Tianlang became the youngest player ever to compete in the Masters, at age 14 years

Who will win this year? Like, comment, share, ignore, do what you like….ONE LIFE!